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Thinking About Making Your Novel into an Audiobook? by Dora Machado


An Interview with Melissa Reizian Frank A Voice Made for Story Telling   Hi Melissa, and welcome to Savvy Authors. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you become a voice actress? What are your favorite kind of projects? Why did you decide to audition for The Curse Giver‘s audible project? Hi Dora! Thanks for having me! Well, I have been a full-time voice actor for about 15 years now. Before this, I was a television news reporter and anchor, but decided to switch careers to have more time for my then one—now three—sons. I do all sorts of TV and radio commercials, narrations, and e-learning trainings. But my favorite thing is to create audiobooks! I didn’t really audition for Curse Giver as much as I begged you to let me narrate it, now did I, Dora? J I was still narrating your excellent Stonewiser trilogy when you started really promoting the paper version of Curse Giver. I knew I wanted to read another Dora Classic! Aw. Thanks, Melissa. You’re making me blush! Tell us, do you enjoy narrating fantasy? And if you do, why? Is there a secret to making great fantasy audiobooks? I LOVE…