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New Craft the perfect fictional murder series with Geoff Symon

Create a truly realistic crime

  1. GSymon
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    Scene of the Crime: perpetrating & investigating your fictional felonies

    March 20 - April 2

    When you need your book to have a clue. This course gives you the basic tools to investigate your own fictional scenes. Not only will you learn the basics, but each student will also develop their own crime scene, fleshing it out further with every lesson’s homework.
    Lessons include: Getting to the forensic basics; evidence: what’s important to your story vs. what’s important to an investigator, who’s at the scene and what their roles are, some primary methods used at crime scenes and fundamental terminology to bring in the authenticity.

    The Author’s Arsenal: writing weapons & wounds

    June 5 - June 16

    Hurting your characters shouldn’t be a pain. This course covers different weapons and the wounds they inflict. We’ll discuss blunts, sharps, projectiles and walk through the injuries and risks possible with each. We’ll consider their impact on your scenes and plot so you can make certain they do the right kind of damage.

    Dead Right: autopsies for authors
    September 18 - September 29

    Corpses pop up in every genre, from family funerals to violent crimes to creatures that won’t stay buried. This workshop introduces authors to the specifics of the postmortem, from time of death estimates to Y-incisions. Get the facts for your fiction – we’ll cover it all from cadaver to slab!