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Marta Adint-Weeks
Last Activity:
Mar 25, 2017 at 3:51 PM
Jul 12, 2016
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July 29
Home Page:
Self employed

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Marta Adint-Weeks

scribbler, Female, from California

Savvy Premium Member!

Have completed Virgins and I am looking for publishing options. Aug 15, 2016

Marta Adint-Weeks was last seen:
Mar 25, 2017 at 3:51 PM
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  • About

    July 29
    Home Page:
    Self employed
    Marta Weeks
    Professional Interests:
    • I'm interested in finding a crit partner or group
    • I provide creative and promotional services
    Blog URL:
    Genres I write in...:
    • Romance
    • Contemporary Romance
    • Romantic Elements
    • SF Romance
    • Women's fiction
    • Fantasy (high,dark, light)
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Young Adult
    • New Adult
    • Literary Fiction
    • Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
    • Historical
    • Time Travel
    • Science Fiction
    • Short fiction & Novellas
    • Memoir
    • Non-fiction
    • Middle grade
    • Plays and Scriptwriting
    • Poetry
    • Paranormal Romance
    Thank you for visiting my page!

    Completed Virgins, the first book of the Sylph's paranormal/fantasy series - approx. 56,000 words.

    "It is said that at nine months old I was found dead but was revived by my grandmother's prayers. From an early age, I witnessed, heard and or read stories about saints, bizarre events, angels, the occult, demons and other spirits."

    From a collection of 72 poems, some are published in The Scruffy Dog Review, Yoyita.com, Poetry for Conservation, and Wildwood Literary Review. Freelance writer for CBS Sacramento Arts&Entertainment, Examiner.com and Ex Files.

    Despite childhood poliomyelitis, became a dancer and choreographer. During college, anchored and hosted a community TV show. For 30 years was employed by California state and county governments. Also volunteered at various non-profit organizations.

    Studied writing at UC Davis, CSU Sacramento, participates in numerous workshops and classes offered by Writers Digest, Gotham Writers, Odyssey, Poynter, and others. Attends conferences, seminars, and writing/critique groups on a regular basis.

    Lives with husband in Northern California's foothills. A social activist, blogger and loves bird watching, Yoga, nature and travel.

    Other work in progress:
    Haya's Children: Book two of Sylphs series.
    Crackacaras: Fantasy/Paranormal about cliff people
    Shoeshine For A Dime: YA fiction - poor boy is successful
    Judy Malone: A woman's revenge after infidelity.
    Sweet Dreams: A family tale, from addiction to recovery
    The Dancer: Struggling dancer finds love

    Webpage: Marta C. Weeks, Author
    Facebook: Facebook
    Twitter: @mmaw
    Book cover for Virgins: by Bob Keck: Owner/Photographer/Artist at Digital Dreams


    Marta Weeks
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